Original Send It Moto Jersey

When we launched the GFDD Race Division and started running laps in our 3/4 tees, we felt the grunge of heat, sweat and adrenaline and gruel that come with the territory of racing a motorcycle. The only logical step was a proper, long sleeve, moisture wicking, breathable, stretchable, do all things-able performance Moto jersey.  

Enter the GFDD Send It Jersey. A mixture of performance fabric, race inspired design and full send inspiring messaging. This isn’t another color way option, this is THE Moto jersey from your friends at GFDD made for a purpose and ready for the small few who get it, to order, wear and do things on a motorcycle, mini bike, dirt bike, mountain bike or unicycle you never thought you’d see yourself do. This jersey has Hooligan roots, normal people doing abnormal things in the interest of riding the edge of a comfort zone built on fear meant to hold you back from your potential. So when you wear this thing, remember why you bought it, remember that you’re now a part of this story that started with a need for more mischief, more mayhem, more motorcycles. 

Send it. 


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