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Dynojet Powervision Flash Tuner

Dynojet Powervision Flash Tuner

Description:The Power Vision incorporates a very sophisticated, yet simple touch screen display that DOES NOT require the use of a computer to flash your bike or to use Auto Tune! Simply select the tune, follow the on-screen prompts to download the tune, and if you’d like, edit your tune without ever touching a computer! That’s right, you can flash and make changes to your tune without ever getting off your bike. Power Vision downloads and stores the stock calibration, and lets you select up to 8 different tunes that are stored on the device, and can be flashed to your bike.Features:Dynojet Preconfigured Tunes - Tunes for YOUR bike pre-loaded on the device... ready to go, right out of the box! Power Vision identifies your bike’s information and automatically sorts hundreds of applicable dyno proven tunes for you to choose from.Custom Tunes – loaded by a custom tuning shop, or received via email and loaded on the device.Copy of Original or Copy of Current - a version of the Original calibration that was saved when the Power Vision was married to the ECM. Or a version of the Current calibration that is currently saved in the ECMDisplay all J1850 and CAN H-D vehicle data as well as wide band air/fuel ratio1 and various channels (such as MPG instant and trip MPG)AutoTune2 Basic and Pro– AutoTune is built into the Power Vision so you can modify your tune as you ride without using a computerCheck and clear diagnostic codesReset adaptive fuel trims and idle offset (with bike running)Not legal for sale in California, check local laws before installation
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